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My Life in Show Business

May 25, 2020

John Allen and what is.

0:50 Mothers day spike.

1:40 Making jokes as a defence mechanism. Whew LOL

2:25 Lets start with something right off the bat: I don’t know shit

3:32 Everything I have done is for a little bit of time.

4:20 I hate who I am when I am with other people

5:30 Viewer mail: Love me love please love...

May 22, 2020

John Allen and what is.

0:30   I’ve been walking and talking. Everything is a groove

1:20 What the fuck is going on right now?

2:00 Not Suffering when you are falling off a cliff.

3:12 If we all believe the same story we can all get together and kill things

6:00 What are you going to do?

7;00 Fairy tales, fairy...

May 16, 2020

John Allen and "what is" fight it out again. Same result.

0:30 Ahhh fuck it…clouds of viral load

2:15 Fire through dry grass- What does it all mean?

6:00 What’s the word I am looking for- Stupid. That’s the word. Stupid.

7:35 In twenty five years who is going to spike the ball

8:15 Trying to remember where to...

May 15, 2020

John Allen argues with what is all by himself. So what else is new?

1: Don’t fucking lose your job

12: Book of job

14: What the fuck is going on?

17:01 Argument with what is?

17:44 Everything should turn into a should

23:09  I Gots nothing to lose

25: Copyright

25:50 How can you say the Emperor has no clothes when...

May 8, 2020

John Allen returns with what is:


0:00 Vertigo


4:00 Losing teeth.


12:00 Pointing to the future.


22:00 The opposite is true.


31:00 Mutation.


40:00 Michael Jordan.


46:00 An Imperfect Union.


57:00 I’ll do it when I do it.


1:03:00 Going all in.


1:05 The end is here all of the...