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My Life in Show Business

Jun 25, 2020

John Allen survives yet another battle with "what is".

meditation, questioning,critical thinking,

what the fuck is happening now?

who am i?

who cares?

Fuck it


Jun 24, 2020

Prospero and what is.

All suffering is an argument with what is.

Suffering is not a glitch.

Allow suffering to be.



Party down.


Let your indulgence set me free


Jun 23, 2020

John Allen and what is.

00:09 Deconstruction of musical mirror. Brown Sugar cultural time capsule.

01:45 Don't want that in the mirror. Don't want that in the mirror

02:33 Groundlings demanding a different ending for Hamlet.

4:00 Cinema Verite: Taking a sip of coffee.

06:36 So much for Cinema Verite

07:47 People think...

Jun 15, 2020

John Allen and what is.

00:30 You say you want a revolution

1:55 I like the battle of Stalingrad as much as the next guy

2:22 True confessions.

3:08 My friend Dave

4:00 Another Cassandra moment

4:35 Terrific bang...Yuuch...I didn't like the way I said that. At all

5:05 No no no we are just friends.

5:50 Lets face it Old...

Jun 9, 2020

John Allen takes on what is. Its a draw. Nah. What is always wins.

And of course Amateur Lesbian Porn.


2:17 Requiem for the Pandemic

05:58 Amateur Lesbian Porn Revisited

6:50 If ya gotta rub one out for sleep I get it.

8:30 I'm going to be...