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My Life in Show Business

Jul 24, 2020

John Allen makes a deal with "what is". Once again 'what is"  pulls the football away.

Dare to be pretentious

Ash Wednesday.

6:10 Falling out with the therapist

6:30 Always willing to give it a shot.

8:00 Sin in original Aramaic means to miss the point.

10:00 Lots of cool shit is going on when you pay attention

12:45 I was going to talk about loving

13:30 It's so...That made me laugh. For real...good joke

15:25 Glory holes

15:45 I do crack myself up

16:00 Giving Irving a blast...

16:47 Gapped out.. What did I say? I am back now..oh exposure therapy...or denial...

19:50 I laughed at the mean dog joke. I did laugh listening to it again...

23:40 So two narcissists walk into a bar...

33 old guy sport joke...decided to leave it in..even though it makes me sound line an old guy...