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My Life in Show Business

Jul 10, 2020

John Allen losing to what is...again.

I thought I was the guy making the joke; but it turned out, that I am actually the joke.
A dark place
Giving up Sir Galahad
Guys turning their girlfriends into Mommy
We want them around making us a sandwich but not actually...
I got a prostate like an Idaho potato but I am still a good stick man- Marlon Brando Last Tango in Paris.
The teeter totter
Should I bother talking about the cancel culture and how stupid it is?
Am I brothers and sisters  in the left wing really going to tank this? Defund the police? Really? What do you got in there? Sawdust?"
Cassandra part 2- Dudes! There are Greek soldiers in that horse. I kid you not.
The Film Festival and the Day Care
No More Process
Getting the shit kicked out of me
Come on man- Joe Biden about everything
The Supreme court turned into a bunch of pussies. Big Surprise
It was 8 zip in the Nixon Tape case not 9 zip.