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My Life in Show Business

Jul 20, 2020

John Allen loses yet again to what is. This time he doesn't even make it to the end of the round.

Shakespeare starts Hamlet AFTER the king is dead. That’s drama. The reaction.

1:50 Because I have nothing to lose I am free to talk but it’s shocking that most people don’t have that freedom.

2:30 Freedom of speech is in serious danger. Danger! Danger! Will Robinson

4:50 It’s not that they will lose their jobs for speaking; now it’s even standing next to someone who says something can get you fired.

9:37 Joe Biden Am I still alive?

11:00 Don’t take away my words.

12:00 A safe space in my day was being able to say what you wanted without consequence.

13:00 A push pull relationship with success 

15:05 Mark iv panther tank pulls up in front of house.

16:05 I’ve grown up to be a weird troll.

17:50 Did I say the quiet thing?

18:00 I mean Joe is ahead 8 points not Donald.

18:30 I crack myself up.

20:00 Holding on by Chief Justice Robert’s fingernails and Justice Ginsburg’s pancreas

23:00 Monitor yourself.

26:00 What can I tell ya? LOL

34:00 It’s a metaphor ladies and gentlemen

33:30 I aint no Guru I only play one on TV

36:30 Ask yourself what the fuck is happening and then investigate

38:04 Take two minutes and just shut the fuck up.

40:00 These people have really let us down

41:45 How are you spinning this?

42:00 What I never tell in that story.

45:00 You have everything you need in this moment or you would be dead

46:00 The Dogs Bark and the Caravan moves on